Fearless - Ep 02: "The Unreasonable Man" - Carl Johnson / Anomaly

Carl Johnson, the co-founder and CEO of Anomaly, talks about what makes him an 'unreasonable man', why Anomaly was named Ad Age's 2017 Agency of the Year despite not being an ad agency, and what he thinks is critical to ensuring the future of his company.

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Three Key Takeaways

1. Decide what matters to you

2. Define success for yourself - and rewrite the rules so they work for you

3. Never stop asking 'is this important to me, and is it worth it'?


[4:30] What was Carl’s first memory of doing something creative?

[6:40] All progress depends on an unreasonable man. Creating something new is very hard.

[10:55] Carl believes his company was both a bit smart and lucky.

[12:45] How did Anomaly get started?

[18:30] How does Carl judge the success of Anomaly?

[21:45] How does Carl help his team grow and be an anomaly?

[23:40] Carl believes that one of the keys to success is having extreme clarity for your goals and vision.

[24:55] What kind of skillsets does Carl look for when hiring someone?

[31:10] If you don’t want to be trained or learn new things, that sends a very bad signal. Carl frankly doesn’t understand those types of people.

[33:30] What’s the difference between management and leadership?

[34:00] Carl believes the luckiest thing that he ever did was find a job he likes and is good at!

[43:50] There’s no such thing as easy money.

[47:30] What is Anomaly’s objective?

[51:25] Although Carl’s company is very innovative, they still plan to leverage what they already know, and propel themselves further into new and interesting industries. They are not constantly breaking down walls and barriers.

[54:55] Carl loves the thought of showing the world what creativity really means.

[56:10] Nobody wants a job. They want a mission.