Fearless - Ep 04: "The Magicians" - Jon Collins / Framestore

Jon Collins, the President of Integrated Advertising at Framestore, runs one of the most multi-disciplinary and technologically complex creative businesses in the world. He talks to me about how he has guided the company through its evolution from a classic visual effects supplier into a collaborative network of world-renowned, award-winning creators of disruptive and immersive consumer-centric magic.


Three Takeaways:

The importance of having a clear and inspiring vision.

A willingness to be experimental is critical to a company's evolution.

Set your own standards very high and only get into areas in which you can be excellent.  


“In the end, you get to the question, ‘What’s my style? What am I doing here?’”

“Apprenticeship is one of those things that has seemed to fallen by the wayside.”

“There is too much talk about what people tell you they’re doing, but in reality, it doesn’t match up.”

Show Notes

[1:25] What’s Jon’s first memory of creativity?

[7:15] When you move into a leadership position, ‘What am I doing here,’ becomes more and more relevant to how you show up to your team.

[11:50] Jon transitioned from wanting to be a musician to being a film director.

[15:25] Apprenticeship has slowly fallen by the wayside with this current generation, but it is a vital part of understanding the industry you want to break into.

[22:55] Jon did experience a bit of internal resistance when he wanted to transition the company from London to New York.

[28:25] If you’re in a creative business, there will be times where you have to review whether you even allow your team to be creative in the environment you’ve created. It’s a tough balance between taking risks and following through on the standards you’ve set out to deliver.

[31:05] In the last five years, Jon and his team have made a conscious decision to try new things and break out from the norm. Some of these decisions worked, and others did not.

[34:35] The biggest challenge for Jon was internal company resistance. How did Jon overcome this?

[40:10] It’s not as difficult to break new barriers in our modern world, but turning something from okay to great takes a lot of expertise, and that requires a focused team.

[41:20] Shake ups within the company are good, because it helps you change your mindset and redefine what your main objective is.

[45:25] What’s next for Jon and Framestore?

[46:35] Charles does a quick recap on what he’s learned from Jon.