Fearless - Ep 07: "The Taste Maker" - Umber Ahmad

Umber Ahmad has lived many lives in one lifetime. Professional violinist at 13. Pilot at 15. Aspiring surgeon at 18. Financier. Investor. Entrepreneur. And finally, (although probably not lastly) baker. 

She talks about the inspiration that set her on her path, the triumphs and despair she has encountered along the way, the moment when she realized that even $10 was more than she could afford, and how she turned a brothel into one of New York City's best bakeries.

Three TakeAways

  • Umber's willingness to explore
  • Her limitless passion
  • Her enduring resilience 

Show Notes

[1:30] Who is Umber, and what did she do before she opened her own bakery?

[7:30] Umber traveled the world with her family, and tasted food from all over at a very young age. New food was a way of connecting with others who don’t speak the same language. When Umber was 13, she became a professional violist, and found that you could also communicate through music.

[15:10] The first class that Umber ever failed in her life was physics, and it was the best thing to ever happen to her.

[21:50] A lot of Umber’s clients at the time were coming from the Middle East, and they primarily cared about three things, food, protection, and luxury.

[25:45] Umber wanted to create the next heritage brand. She was ready to create her own legacy. And thus, the bakery was born.

[32:00] What does Umber do? Well, what doesn’t she do?

[33:10] Umber isn’t building just a bakery. She’s building a mindset, a lifestyle, and connection. It just so happens to be in the form of pastries.

[40:40] Umber spent about a year looking for the right location for her kitchen. She had been selling her baked goods online for two years, by that point, and already knew what her customers wanted and where they were located.

[50:55] So few people are consciously aware of, and embrace, what their natural strengths are, and, because of this, they try to improve where they are weak. However, this just wastes time and energy!

[56:10] Umber has fears that she is not enough. She is worried that she will fail. The good thing is, she uses this fear to fuel her drive.

Mentioned in This Episode:   Mahzedahrbakery.com


“You have to always keep your eyes on the horizon. Never take your eyes off the horizon.”

“If you’re going to fail, fail fast, because then you figure out how to get through it.”

“That’s what we get up everyday to do. We get up so we can feed our families.”