A LinkedIn Test

Depending on when you get this, today is a two-for-one day.

I participate in social media for a number of reasons. And I've come to use Twitter and Facebook for two different purposes.

Twitter is becoming a modern form of journalism. Real-time in which I provide the editorial filter. Facebook is more personal, and lets me stay in touch with people I probably otherwise couldn't for reasons of time and distance.

I have begun to get more and more requests to join some people's LinkedIn networks. I haven't yet found the value of LinkedIn - though 80% of businesses now use it as their primary tool for finding candidates.

One of the features on LinkedIn is the ability to give and receive recommendations. In 3 years I've given one and received none. Fairly typical I suspect. And an indicator of the antipathy most people bring to LinkedIn. Obligation as opposed to expectation.

Tonight I read that LinkedIn and Twitter are now connected. And so I thought I'd clean up my LinkedIn profile just in case.

In the process I discovered you can ask for recommendations. From up to 200 people.

I only have 61 connections.

I asked them all.

I'm curious to see how many respond and what comes from this.

I'll let you know.

Or you can join me on LinkedIn and see for yourself.