This One Is Personal

I had pause to reflect last night on some personally significant events this week.

The least of which was to notice that I passed 60,000 words on this blog since I began. Which is the size of a decent size book. And a process that has taught me more specifically what I think.

Along the way a lot of people have said they’re glad I write every day. And no false modesty here, I value the fact that more and more people are spending a minute or so a day reading these thoughts.

Both because it’s gratifying as a human being to know what you're doing is worthwhile. And because I am certain it is possible to be more present in how you build a business. And certain that when you are, it creates a better life. For the business owner and for everyone around them.

This is an altruistic view as well as an economic one. A trait I have discovered becoming more important to me. A benefit of getting older.

I have come to recognize the trust and faith that clients place in us when they hire us. Clients who in many cases have been doing the same things the same way for a long time, and have come to two conclusions.

There is no silver bullet.

There is a better way. And we have discovered what that is.

I share many of those discoveries in this blog. And that and my work with PAWS Chicago are reasons I feel excited about what is ahead.

If there are topics you'd like answered, add a comment and I'll cover them in future posts. And anything else you want to debate. I'm going to do what I can to turn this into a two way street.

And the other events of the week that prompted this pause to reflect?

I saw my step mother for the first time in ten years. My father launch a new book. And someone very close to me undergo a routine medical event that involved general anesthetic.

Which I have discovered makes the word ‘routine’ a medical marketing tactic.

Thank you, as always, for your time.