Why We Don't Get Hired

There is one group of people that never hire us.

Those looking for the silver bullet.

I meet one or two every month. People who hear about us from clients, or come across our website. They call and ask how soon we can have a conversation. When can we meet. How does it work. When can we start.

It normally takes thirty minutes to discover that what they're looking for is an instant remedy to problems that have been built in to their business since they began. A vision that was too narrow. A perspective that was too short-term. A strategy that was too reactive. A failure to understand what they were really selling. A passion for being essential to their business.

These situations have three things in common.

  1. All companies face some of them. And some companies face all of them.

  2. There are answers to each of them. Most of which take less than a month to define.

  3. The solutions come through exploration and understanding. Not from the business equivalent of a pill.