Is Your Business Injured or Ill?

We unlock the potential of businesses. To do that we have to first diagnose whether they are injured or ill. The treatments for which are entirely different.

A business that is injured is fundamentally sound but damaged in a particular area. The symptoms are repeated inability to perform specific actions despite the desire and intent to do so.

A business that is ill has systemic problems. Typically they start in the head and eventually spread to infect the circulation, the heart, the kidneys and the liver. It can take a long time for the symptoms to appear. But when they do, they manifest themselves as tiredness, weakness, lethargy, bloating, confusion and nervousness.

In the end, the illness affects every part of the organization. The longer you wait, the harsher the remedy required.

If you look around at your company today and see recurring problems, decide first if your business is ill or injured.

Either can be treated.

But only if the patient is interested in being cured.