Don’t Confuse Busy for Successful

There are lots of things you could be doing rather than reading this. And lots of things I could be doing rather than writing it. We’re busy people.

Somewhere along the way we both decided this was worth our time. That it was valuable.

I’ve probably analyzed that decision more than you have. After all, I have more at stake. Time and reputation namely.

And every day is a chance for us both to re-evaluate. Which raises the bar for me and the return on investment for you. Because if I don’t keep trying to make this informative and insightful, you won’t be back.

The short term contract this blog represents is a good thing. Because it highlights the discretionary nature of most of what we do in business.

Because when we start to see everything we do as essential, we fill our days with activity and work harder at being better at doing more.

A strategy which undeniably makes us busy.

And distracts us from where we should be focused.

Just being better.