Just Because You Can...

Entrepreneurs are extraordinary problem solvers. It gives them the confidence to act on ideas. To try things. To see a different future, unafraid of the obstacles that hold back the rest of the world.

To an entrepreneur, a problem is not a problem. It is - cliche or not - an opportunity. Problems get them up in the morning and keep them awake at night - for all the right reasons. To take away an entrepreneur’s problem is to cut off their oxygen. It’s their seven percent solution.

Like any narcotic, of course, decisions made under the problem-solving drug can take on a different appearance as its influence wanes. Suddenly, the inspired solution seems less so. And the euphoria of having been able to solve the puzzle makes way for a realization that we were attracted naively. That the real issue stood unobtrusively in the shadows. Third-Man like.

The pattern breaks once we tire of waking up with the hangover and its consequences. Once we start to apply moderation. Wisdom. Reflection. Once we realize not every problem needs to be solved.

Then, confronted by a problem that cries out for attention, seduced by a difficulty that warms to our embrace, we learn to pull-out the problem-solver’s patch.

It is unassuming. Unremarkable. A small piece of paper on which eight words are written. Eight words that will help you avoid the cost of the false problem. Will help you find the real issues that confront your business.

I’ve provided you with a patch here. It’s free of charge. It should be used the next time you hear your inner voice urging you, “I can solve this, I can solve this, I can solve this."


“Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.”