Value 1 Recession 0

A quick thought. I'm struck tonight by dramatic evidence of the value of innovation.

At the conclusion of the worst six month economy any of us are likely to live through, Apple just announced the launch of their new iPhone. It contains 100 new features.

They also launched a new series of laptops with a seven hour battery that will retain its recharging capacity for five years.

We've come to expect these kinds of innovations, wrapped in simple, elegant design. And we find such value in their products that we continue to buy them, even when money is tight.

The result is that Apple just concluded the best non-Holiday sales quarter in their history. $8.2 billion. Their share price which stood at $85.33 in December has gained 85% to $144.67.

Oh, and they did all this while their founder and CEO was on medical leave.

Proof positive that even in economic catastrophe, people will pay for that in which they find value.

How much have your sales increased in the last six months?