Your Business IS Your Life - Rethought

The great thing about writing on the internet is that your internal editor can demand a re-think. I woke up thinking today's blog was half a thought. This I think is a whole one.

Apologies to those who already took the time. Hopefully you'll think this one worth another moment.


Building a better business is hard work. No news there.

And the fuel that drives us comes from many sources.

Pride. Ambition. Competition. Vision.

And Fear. Of failure. Or insignificance.

Regardless of how deep the reserve, humans need to refuel.

Building a better business happens when we balance needs. Of the business. And ourselves.

Sometimes that means putting other things first.

I talked to a friend this afternoon who after many years of driving a business forward decided to take a serious break this summer.

The energy and sense of possibility were palpable the moment they walked in the door.

By the time we’d finished talking I had established a new principle I’m going to recommend to our clients. That any one who has worked at the same company for ten years should be required to take a serious, paid break. Required. Serious. Paid.

No less than a month. Ideally two.

What you get back will pay for itself a hundred times over.

Because even when your business is your life, sometimes you need to reverse the order.

For tomorrow is only a promise.

And as today reminds us, sometimes those get broken.