We’ve Always Done It This Way

Thirty three percent of men do not wash their hands in public washrooms. Nor do twelve percent of women.

With H1N1 apparently on its way back, how many of you expect those numbers to change significantly?

Count me in the nays.

In the last year, despite the worst economic melt-down in most of our lifetimes, America’s alcohol consumption habits have remained at sixty year norms. As a nation, we are not apparently drowning our sorrows in drink.

On the other side of the coin, one in three has reduced their personal debt ‘significantly’, and thirty one percent of those asked said they are now in the habit of spending less.

As a species, we do not change our habits in response to threats.

We change them in response to events. Typically ones that frightens us.

By which time the damage has been done.

In every company it’s essential to separate culture from habit.

The first is part of a company’s DNA. The second is a repetitive action, conducted without thought.

An important distinction in building a better business.

And a better life.