Never Again

In our travels we come across two kinds of people. The optimist. And the pessimist.

The pessimists are more certain about their perspective. An ironic display of confidence.

I used to believe there was merit to either view.

I used to believe some things can be done. And some things can’t.

I used to believe.

I was wrong.

Evidence comes in small ways. And proof takes time. But it is all around us.

In 1961, JFK challenged us to go the moon. A challenge of epic proportions. We went six times. The last was 38 years ago. If you watch the clip, you’ll hear Kennedy reference another achievement that took place 35 years earlier.  Listen. You won't believe it.

In 2002, Minority Report showed us a new way to manipulate images. A way that every one of us talked about afterwards. Today, a 2 year old throws any toy to the floor that doesn’t work that way.

In 2007, Apple invented the iPhone. Today, it unlocks my car, remotely controls my computer, finds my dog. It does 100,000 things beside. And we’re hoping the Droid finally gets it right.

Last year those that defended the publishing industry said it would survive because some people wanted to be able to hold what they read, not look at it on a screen.

This weekend, Chris showed me this on the web. 

The drawback? They’re a couple of months away.

And finally, last week a client sent me a link to a video. This morning, my friend Dennis Ryan blogged about it. Which made me finally watch it.

Watch the video. Any part of it. As Dennis says, do so in HD. And then tell me there is anything that is not possible.


It’s not possible?

Never again.