Getting The Most From Your People

I’m always interested in how business owners and department heads manage the people that work for them.

Over time, I’ve discovered one approach is very common.

1. Define the job

2. Find someone to fill it

3. Wait for something to happen

This approach is then put into practice in a number of ways that look like pro-active management, but aren’t.

The most significant of which is the concept of regularly scheduled raises.

A practice which encourages management to be passive in guiding the development of each employee until the next date comes along. Or something goes wrong.

And ensures that your emerging stars will regularly surprise you with better offers from your competitors who aren’t restricted by a calendar in your HR department.

A better management approach also incorporates three elements.

1. A willingness to look first for people’s strengths.

2. Regular development reviews with each employee that are separated from compensation increases.

3. An organizational structure capable of adapting to the potential of individuals by providing tools that take care of the day to day needs of the business - reliably and instinctively.

People want to be paid fairly. But more than that, they want to be given a chance to fulfill their potential.

Putting practices in place that encourage managers to focus on helping them do so costs much less than losing a talented and trained employee.

And ensures that you are building your business on ever expanding strengths.