The iNevitability of iNnovation

I’m counting the days until my iPad is delivered. Three.

Which is one fewer than the number of ways it already needs improving.

1. eBooks should have audio tracks. Music embedded into the digital pages. Background noise that fill out the scene. Spoken recipes as you cook. A whole new medium waiting to be unlocked.

2. The back of the iPad should display the cover of whatever you’re reading. For a hundred reasons. Maybe more.

3. We need a magazine tear-sheet app, which allows people like Chris and Jamie to throw away their boxes of clippings, and organize them digitally instead in a virtual index of ideas and inspirations.

4. Its wireless feature should extend to my thoughts. Because typing is analog technology in its most primitive form.

Evidence that innovation has no limitations.

And requires but one thing.

A refusal to accept the status quo.

Even when it hasn’t yet arrived.