A Week’s Worth of Mistakes: # 5 - The Dilution Of Distraction

Ideas are cheap. The cost of this blog for instance is a few moments of your time. Paid as you go. A mutually agreeable arrangement.

At latest count, there are well over 150 million blogs. To which 900,000 new posts have been added in the latest 24 hours. A rich idea pool from which to draw. And does not take into account books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, websites, art, apps, conversation. Or personal inspiration.

What you do with ideas, whatever their source, determines many aspects of your business. And your life.

In a world in which everything is possible, and most information is always available, we are not deprived of new possibilities.

But increasingly I am aware, through my own experience and that of others, that exploration and investment in the possible is best guided by an understanding of what we are trying to achieve. A definition that can and should evolve. But through conscious choice. Rather than the endless opportunism of interesting investigation.

Otherwise, we spend our lives in a pool of diluted distraction.

Exploring everywhere.

And arriving nowhere.