keyser söze

Bad decisions are invisible in the short term. 

A concession here. A short-cut there. A reaction justified by a passionate argument. Followed by the need to solve the next problem. Answer the next call. Get to the next meeting.

Big and small companies alike do not undermine themselves intentionally. They do so by choosing to see the world falsely. 

And protecting themselves from the wrong threat. 

While leaving Keyser Söze to wreck havoc without distraction.

Successful companies confront the issues that are really controlling their business. 

For small businesses, that is often the partnership. Do you all want the same outcome? And what are you sacrificing to keep everyone happy? 

For mid-size companies, look at your staffing. And get rid of those people that you love and adore, but who don’t have the talent to let you be the company you want to be.

And for large companies, confront your client contracts. If the advertising industry is typical, they are one sided and driven by factors that provide no value to either party. 

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist."

Success comes when you discover he does.

And that beating him is easier than you think.