The Long Term View

"In the long run, we're all dead," posited John Maynard Keynes. 

I say posited because recent announcements in the development of 3D printing suggest we may not be far away from a time where death becomes an option.

Far away being a relative term. Your children's children, perhaps. 

While we consider the ramifications of that kind of evolution, an email circulating this morning highlights the requirements of sustainable evolution within the current limitations of medical science.

  • Knowing what you stand for.

  • Applying those standards consistently.

  • The capacity to evolve. Ideally, pro-actively.

  • The ability to accept there will always be critics. No matter what you do. 

  • The discipline to remain focused regardless.

In this case, good genes have also played their considerable part. Proving that when it comes to longevity, medical science is still the pupil.