Creativity Thrives on Facts

Creative thought is powerful fuel with which to convince others of your argument.

It also tends to create companies that are built on narrow foundations. The ability of their owners and managers to convince themselves first, and then everyone else of their particular view of the world often results in a one-sided argument in which the facts are tilted.

This is usually not a conscious or malevolent act. But one borne equally from passion and insecurity.

Which is ironic. Because when building or re-structuring a business, the truth - while sometimes uncomfortable to begin with - will ultimately set you free.

I came across this info graphic from the talented people at Elefint Designs which presents in unambiguous and clear narrative, the history of U.S. government debt as a percentage of GDP.

Two things strike me about this as it applies to creative businesses:

  1. It's harder to sustain narrow arguments when someone takes the time to gather the information and present it holistically.
  2. Complex problems have multiple elements. We are more likely to solve them when we expect ourselves to search equally for evidence that opposes our preferred point-of-view as that which supports it.

Creativity requires judgement and instinct. 

Which is not the same as guessing.