A Decade of Recklessness

I started to write this a couple of weeks ago. But a variety of things have been in the way of my blog this month. So let me uncork the bottle again and begin with this.

If we have learned anything from 9/11, we have learned that with actions there are consequences.

And change comes regardless of whether we want it to or not.

Ten years on, we live in a world that satisfies so few. One we seek to change in so many ways.

If, ten years from now, we are not going to be disappointed again, we need to be mindful of how we want the world to be better. And what we are going to do differently this time to make that happen.

That starts with those corners that we can influence. None more so than the business we choose to work at every day, and whose potential rests in our hands.

For anyone reading this blog, their business is their life. And making it count is measured in a hundred ways. Measurements that are hard to track in real-time. But which will stop and take our breath away when we least expect it.

There are many events we can not control along the way. Including how it ends.

Making sure that when it does we have done what we could, is a measurement for no-one else to judge.

And an opportunity of limitless potential.