Don't Waste The Next Ten Years

Ten years ago, it was easier for Sony to become Apple than for Apple.

Ten years ago, it was easier for Blockbuster to become Netflix than for Netflix.

Ten years ago, it was easier for Kodak to become Facebook than for Facebook.

These companies didn't try to become what they are today. Shadows of their former selves. And in the case of Blockbuster and Kodak, bankrupt.

They just didn't try hard enough not to.

Greatness is not about your potential. Or your intentions. Or your carefully written strategy. 

It is about what you do.

And every decision you make, and every one you don't, moves you closer or further away from your dreams.

If you want to be great, know where you're headed and act with purpose.

If your goal is just to stay competitive, plan for the probability that you soon won't be.