People. People Who Need People.

We have an apartment in Manhattan. Great location. Great views. But the best part. The doormen.

We had a chance to move a few months ago. Better location. Same amenities. A bit cheaper.

I stayed because Jose, Chris, Nelson, Dufresne and Euder make me feel I’m coming home every time I walk in.

Doing so is a simple formula. They remember my name. They remember Chris’s name. And they seem genuinely pleased to see me. Every time.

That cost the building something. Hiring people with the right personality. Training them. Managing them. Giving them technology that identifies residents easily. Staffing properly so that they have the time to be welcoming. Serious thought went into this. Great service is not an accident.

But great service is the difference maker because it appeals to a basic human need to belong.

Even when we know money is the motivator, we choose the places that make us feel we’re part of the fabric over their better but disinterested competitor.

In an era when change is the currency of the moment, change anything that prevents you from being happy to see your customers.

Or they’ll find someone who is.