First, a Word From Our Sponsor

About nine months ago I changed the name of this blog to ‘Art, Meet Commerce’. As I’ve written under that umbrella it’s become increasingly comfortable, and increasingly resonant - both to me and, based on the audience numbers, to you too.

As a result, I feel the time has come to take a couple of important steps.

The first is to establish the blog as its own brand. To that end, I’ve purchased, and have moved the blog to a new site under that name.

The practical consequences of this to you depend on how you receive this feed. If you subscribe through email, I’ll be making the change over the next few days, hopefully in a seamless way to you. Until I’m sure that has happened I’ll continue to also post under the Lookinglass domain so that the feed remains uninterrupted.

If you subscribe via RSS, you should sooner or later update that feed from the home page of the blog here. Or copy and paste this into your RSS feed aggregator. feed://

I’ve also auto-forwarded all old links to the new site. Between all that, I hope not to lose anyone.

The second step is that I have embarked on the process of writing a book by the same name. 

It will encompass much of the thinking and some of the thoughts found on the blog. But the majority of the book will be brand new. 

It will be guided by a structure that is designed to answer the question, “How do you build a creativity-driven business in a bottom-line world?” 

And fueled by a series of interviews with some of the world’s leading creative business founders and leaders. A process that begins next week in London.

These are nervous times. We need to use the power of original thought to solve increasingly challenging problems. 

And we need to build businesses capable of doing so every day. 

Art, Meet Commerce. 

Here’s to an increasingly beautiful friendship.